GDTF – Good idea, poor execution

Communities can create incredible things as we’ve seen with open-source initiatives like Linux, but every great community project needs a maintainer to guarantee excellence. This post is going to look at why I’m opting to forgo community created data in my lighting control system, and instead rely on a commercial offering.  The problem  There existContinue reading “GDTF – Good idea, poor execution”

Distributed DMX with Apache Ignite

A little known fact is that the original, intelligent lights and programming hardware formed a distributed system. Each light had its own on-board memory which was used to store the different states (looks) used throughout the show, and the lighting console would send a command for each light to load a particular look. I’ve heardContinue reading “Distributed DMX with Apache Ignite”

Restarting an old project

I’ve been working on a problem for more than a decade on and off now, and last week I decided I was going to take it seriously.  Seriously enough to set up an Office 365 subscription attached to the project’s domain along with an Azure DevOps subscription for keeping everything in one place.  I’ll regularly beContinue reading “Restarting an old project”

Replacing lighting programmers with AI

The title is click bait, but I can picture situations where we could replace lighting programmers with artificial intelligence using language understanding techniques that power Alexa, Google Assistance and Cortana. I’m going to discuss how I’m working on this using Microsoft language understanding and intelligence technology. Console Syntax Most DMX Lighting control systems have aContinue reading “Replacing lighting programmers with AI”