Distributed DMX Lighting Control with .NET Core

Join me on my journey to develop a free to use, distributed DMX lighting control system.


Multiple Fixture Formats

Light Console already supports personalities from the Carallon Fixture Database service, Open Fixture Libray and General Data (GDTF).

Distributed DMX Processing

Light Console uses high performance computing technologies to ensure performance & high availability, ensuring your system remains responsive even with the most demanding shows.

MA like Command Line

If a Hog, MA and Strand had a baby, the command line might look a little like Light Consoles! If you’re familiar with any existing consoles CLI then you’ll be a pro with Light Console.

Current Status

27 Libaries

The solution is current comprised of 27 separate projects, ensuring its modular enough to quickly add new features.

131,072 Lights

The system currently supports up to 256 DMX universes which equals 131,072 lights! The goal is to reach 1024 universes with ~2ms response times.

25k+ LOC

After a year of development, the system is around 25,000 lines of code. The code itself is a mixture of C# and Java.